Eat a dozen eggs a day to increase your testosterone and muscle gains

In general, eggs are exceptionally good food, they are known for their quality of life, but in terms of weight lifting and bulk collection, they are the ideal product for your feeding routine. The protein-rich substance and the thick yellow supplement are an ideal food to increase natural testosterone boosters and improve muscles.

High protein content

The eggs contain the most outstanding quality protein you can get. The main source of superior protein is whey protein. The egg white and the egg yolk contain approximately the same amount of protein.

Protein is the main segment that your muscles need to develop. The better the quality, the better it can be retained and converted into muscle tissue by your body.

Fat-stimulating hormone

The yolk contains each fat. Above all, it contains high measures of your cholesterol. Cholesterol is what will trigger your testosterone since testosterone comes from cholesterol. A normal egg contains approximately 200 mg of cholesterol. To see results recognizable by eating 800 mg of cholesterol, this compares to about 4 huge eggs.

Instructions to eat such a large amount of

Cooking twelve eggs can be tedious. You can eat boiled and raw eggs; Just make sure, no matter how you eat the whole egg, white and yellow, to receive each reward.

When you cook the eggs, dip them in coconut oil or margarine. Includes a lot of fat for fried eggs. Boil or poach them, have them as you see fit.

Add the raw eggs to your protein shakes. If you could take care of it, swallow it whole.

Extra subsistence

To obtain an additional livelihood essentially from the egg yolk, which should be bright orange or with a yellow hue, in case it is pale, most of the time it implies that the egg is not of quality so tall. To get the best eggs, make sure your grass is encouraged instead of being fortified with corn. Eat natural and unfenced eggs You can even get eggs rich in omega-3, these are the ones you’ll need for most supplements.

Plan to eat 4-5 eggs for breakfast. At that time, you can shake two raw eggs at night, and then increasingly more eggs cooked before bedtime. This will give you the best results, giving your body a constant supply of proteins and fats, for muscle development and the elevation of anabolic hormones. Join this with a serious bodybuilding exercise to increase the volume in a surprising way

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