If you work in the hair industry, you have probably heard the phrase “Burmese virgin hair,” but you may not know what it refers to. This article will provide in-depth information about Burmese virgin hair and reputable vendors.

1. Interesting facts about Burmese virgin hair

First of all, you need to understand what the definition of virgin hair is. Virgin Burmese hair is hair that is only taken from one person and not mixed with any other hair.
Burmese virgin hair Hindu temples in Myanmar. Here, women donate their hair to the temple as a customary way to pay their respects.
Burmese virgin hair shares many similarities with raw Vietnamese hair, which is one of the most highly priced and sought-after hair types on the marketplace currently, because Burma shares many common characteristics with Vietnam in terms of lifestyle, climate, and human race, all of which influence the quality of hair.


Burmese virgin hair Hindu temples in Myanmar

2. Hair quality of Burmese virgin hair

Burmese virgin hair has become one of the most in-demand hair varieties available today. In what ways is it distinct from other things? Let’s examine its characteristics below:

  • Burmese virgin hair has a versatile texture: it is neither as silky as Vietnamese virgin hair as Chinese or Indian hair, but it is elastic and holds curls beautifully. It features a combination of Chinese and Vietnamese hair and embodies the best qualities of both cultures.
  • Burmese virgin hair is dark and silky by nature: virgin Burmese hair is naturally jet-black and silky, with fewer gray strands. This is due to Burmese women typically shampooing and conditioning their hair using natural products. They commonly shampoo and condition their hair with rice water to prevent graying, restore the pH balance, and keep long, healthy hair.
  • Burmese virgin hair is resilient and strong. Burmese virgin hair is at its healthiest original state because no chemical or other treatments have been applied. The unbroken cuticles of the hair indicate that it is both strong and resilient. Due to its robust cuticles, raw Burmese hair absorbs color molecules effectively. You can dye your hair from the darkest color to the lightest color.

Generally, Burmese virgin hair is of great quality, making it suitable for dyeing and styling. Burmese virgin hair is a smart investment if you are in the hair business, as its qualities are diverse.


Hair quality of Burmese virgin hair

3. Burmese virgin hair with market price

Due to Burma’s low quality of life, Burmese virgin hair supplies are also inexpensive. But the prices of Burmese hair bundles and hair extensions from Burmese hair factories and Burmese hair sellers can vary greatly because each source handles and collects the hair in a different way. Moreover, the price of finished goods is typically higher.
Due to the country’s technological backwardness, the majority of Burmese virgin hair will be offered in Burmese hair bundles. From $20 USD per bundle of 10″ straight hair weft.
Fascinating fact: Chinese hair producers frequently combine Indian and Burmese virgin hair to strike a balance between quality and price. This is a significant source of supplies, but the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil war in Burma in 2020 had a significant impact on the supply chain and gathering capability of virgin Burmese hair, resulting in a significant decline in price and quality.

4. The growth of Burmese virgin hair in the world hair market

Myanmar has a greater quantity of Burmese virgin hair than Vietnam because, unlike Vietnam, it is not separated into two areas, south and north, but is distributed throughout the country. Moreover, Myanmar citizens are friendly and slightly backward (the majority of the population is Buddhist), the country shares a border with China, and China is heavily investing in Myanmar (to influence its politics and economics), so this is an excellent place for Chinese hair vendors to oversee the collection of products for shipment back to China.
Burma does not directly supply a significant amount of virgin hair to the hair market; rather, Chinese hair market traders purchase and distribute the majority of Burmese virgin hair to the hair market.

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The growth of Burmese virgin hair in the world hair market

5. How to identify high-quality Burmese virgin hair

As they obtain their hair from a variety of sources, you cannot always rely on the quality of certain Burmese virgin hair dealers. You can ask family or friends who live near the Burmese hair factory to inspect the quality of the raw hair for you. You may also get a sample of the hair to determine its quality, if the maker offers one. Consider the following recommendations if you like to acquire the finest virgin Burmese hair from Myanmar:

  • Check Burmese virgin hair with your eyes:
    • Verify that the burmese hair bundles are the required length and uniform in length.
    • Check the ends of the hair to see if they are ruffled or frizzy . If this is the case, the cuticles may have been broken during processing, thus the hair is not truly unprocessed and will become weak and break easily.
  • Check Burmese virgin hair by hand for shedding by brushing the bundle with your fingertips several times and determining if it feels smooth.
  • Pick just a few hairs and place them in a glass of water. If the hair is floating, it is of high quality, and if it is submerged, it is of poor quality. Because poor quality chemically treated hair can absorb water.
  • Burmese virgin hair will smell test with a pleasant, natural scent because it has not been chemically treated. If the hair has an unnatural or chemical odor, it is not of excellent quality.

Pick just a few hairs and place them in a glass of water

6. The difference of Burmese virgin hair compared to other virgin hair

Alongside Burmese virgin hair, Vietnamese virgin hair, and Chinese virgin hair, Indian virgin hair is currently one of the most sought-after hair kinds on the market. Let’s examine how they differ using the table of comparisons below.

Burmese virgin hair Vietnamese virgin hair Chinese virgin hair Indian virgin hair
Origin Hair of Burmese women and girls taken from Hindu temples Hair of Vietnamese girls living in high mountains Combined from many sources, mostly Brazilian and Indian hair Hair of those who donate to temples
Quality diversified quality, adaptable structure, and highly durable and robust Superior quality, resilient and robust hair possesses both low-quality and high-quality hair, but is predominantly average. Average quality and lack of durability; hair must be straightened before styling.
Price Because there is a restricted supply of Burmese virgin hair, prices are typically higher. Due to its superior quality, Vietnamese virgin hair is a luxury product. The costs are also variable, but the majority of hair types are inexpensive. The cheapest hair on the hair market
Supply limited available Availability is quite large Large supply Large supply

Clearly, the quality of Burmese virgin hair is superior to that of Chinese and Indian hair, trailing only slightly behind that of Vietnam. In addition, virgin Burmese hair has a traceable origin, but is expensive due to its restricted availability. If you can locate a supply of high-quality Burmese raw hair, it is an investment well worth making

7. Top 3 best places to sell Burmese virgin hair you must know

To help you save time and effort, we have developed a list of trusted places from which you can obtain Burmese virgin hair.

7.1. Efficient Hair Company – Top 1 best places to sell Burmese virgin hair

Efficient Hair Company is growing rapidly in the hair market in Myanmar with products that are worth your money.

  • Origin: They collected hair from healthy females, young girls,and donors in Myanmar. They exclusively sell virgin Burmese hair of the highest quality.
  • Product: a variety of Burmese hair bundles lengths and styles
  • Price: The price is somewhat exorbitant, but the quality is excellent

If you’re seeking a reliable wholesale virgin hair vendor to purchase Burmese virgin hair, visit Efficient Hair Business.

7.2. Naing Myanmar Hair Company – Top 2 best places to sell Burmese virgin hair

With over a decade of expertise in the industry, Naing Myanmar Hair Company is regarded as one of the best locations to purchase Burmese virgin hair.

  • Products: closures & frontals and Burmese hair bundles,…
  • Price: very affordable and of high quality
  • Policy: Returns and exchanges are accepted

Naing Myanmar Hair Company is an excellent option for your business if you’re looking for high-quality virgin Burmese hair.

7.3. Tet Nay Lin Co., Ltd – Top 3 best places to sell Burmese virgin hair

Tet Nay Lin Co., Ltd. has been in the hair industry for ten years and is renowned for its affordable, high-quality Burmese virgin hair.

  • Products: Clip-ins, tip-ins, hair weft, closures & frontals,…
  • Price: Affordable, 20$ per for 10 inches straight hair weft
  • Policy: Returns and exchanges are accepted

Tet Nay Lin Co., Ltd. is an organization that will exceed your expectations and meet your requirements.