If you are concerned about virgin human hair, do not miss this blog. It will give you a thorough understanding of this hair type and assist you in locating the best places to buy high-quality virgin hair. Keep reading for a better understanding.

1. What is virgin hair and where it mainly comes from

Virgin human hair is human hair taken from a single donor that has not gone through any chemical treatment. It hasn’t been dyed, straightened, washed or bleached roughly. The cuticles are undamaged and aligned (moving in the same way)
However, virgin hair can be treated with steam or heat to create textures such as straight, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, curly, kinky curl, pixie curl, among others.

Virgin hair mainly comes from countries like Brazil, Peru, and Malaysia.

  • Peruvian virgin human hair: This hair is coarse and thick, making it ideal for those with thin and coarse hair.
  • Brazilian virgin human hair: This hair is shiny, bouncy and silky. It is the most popular hair type in Africa and Latin America.
  • Malaysian virgin hair: This hair is thick, soft, and silky. It is mostly used by people with softer hair.

Virgin human hair is human hair taken from a single donor that has not gone through any chemical treatment.

2. The difference between virgin hair and raw hair

Virgin hair and raw hair are the most popular hair types in the world hair market nowadays and many people do not know the difference between them. The comparison table below will give you a better understanding:

Raw hair Virgin hair
Unprocessed has not gone through chemical, steam or heat treatment has not gone through chemical treatment
Supply abundant supply due to it being gathered from multiple donors limited supply due to it comes from a single donor
Textures more coarse and come in 3 main textures like straight, body wavy and slight curly more silky and comes in more textures than raw hair like straight, body wavy, deep wavy, deep curly, kinky curly,…
Single drawn or double drawn double drawn single drawn
Lifespan at least 5 years 6 months – 2 years
Price lower higher

3. Something to keep in mind about virgin hair in the hair market

There is something to be noted before you decide to buy virgin human hair:

3.1. Some facts you need to know about virgin hair products

Very few people are aware of the following facts regarding virgin human hair in the world market today, despite its demand and popularity:

  • In the global market, the availability of virgin hair is exceedingly limited. The quantity of virgin human hair is insufficient for bulk orders, hence virgin hair in the market today is rarely 100 percent virgin human hair.
  • Hair products in the form of wigs are rarely authentic virgin hair since the quantity of hair from a single donor is not sufficient to create a full wig.
  • Currently, many products on the market, although labeled as virgin human hair, are often still treated with chemicals.

3.2. Some popular virgin hair types in the hair market

There are numerous sources available nowadays, however, the most reliable virgin human hair suppliers are found in Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Brazil, China, and Peru.

3.2.1. Vietnamese virgin hair – one of the best hair types in the world

Vietnamese virgin hair: Vietnam has an abundance of raw resources, skilled labor, and a long history of hairdressing, which has led to a concentration of virgin human hair supplies.

  • Vietnamese virgin hair is renowned for its high-quality and affordable pricing
  • Virgin human hair Vietnam is acquired from young local women between the age of 18-35. Vietnamese virgin hair is exceptionally strong and glossy due to the mild climate here, their natural human characteristics, and healthy lifestyle.
  • Vietnamese virgin hair can be styled and dyed very well because its cuticles remain intact and aligned.
  • The majority of the global market, including high-end markets like Europe, is interested in Vietnamese virgin human hair.

Vietnamese virgin hair with high quality and affordable pricing will worth your investment. Those who are searching for premium hair can go for it.


Vietnamese virgin hair – one of the best hair types in the world

3.2.2. Malaysian virgin hair – another popular hair type

Malaysian virgin hair: Malaysian virgin human hair shares similarities with Vietnamese hair, including an abundance of raw materials and inexpensive labor.

  • The hair is obtained from underprivileged women in the area. These individuals sell their hair to make a living and consider it an integral component of their way of life.
  • Malaysian virgin hair is resilient, silky, and thick, and it may be styled and coloured in several ways. It is best suited for hair types with waves or curls. This is the characteristic you should prioritize when acquiring virgin hair Malaysia.
  • Malaysian virgin human hair is not inexpensive and falls within the average range of the market, but the great quality justifies the cost.
  • If hair wholesalers wish to offer curly or wavy hairstyles, Malaysian virgin hair suppliers are a fantastic option.

3.2.3. Chinese virgin hair – another sought-after hair type

Chinese virgin human hair: China is renowned as a hair industry leader. China provides thirty percent of the virgin hair on the current market.

  • Due to an insufficient domestic supply, China frequently imports hair from Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and Brazil, among others… Primarily India and Malaysia due to their inexpensive supplies.
  • Because Chinese suppliers of virgin hair import hair from a variety of nations, the features and quality of Chinese hair are extremely varied.
  • Typically, hair is highly chemically treated to produce eye-catching patterns and hues. However, due to this, the hair soon becomes brittle and brittle with prolonged use.
  • There are numerous pricing divisions for Chinese hair that are acceptable for a variety of customers. Overall, their pricing is the most competitive on the hair market.
  • Chinese virgin hair is advantageous for those who require a large quantity of hair rapidly and do not place a premium on quality.

3.2.4. Indian virgin hair – one of the most popular hair types in the world

Indian Virgin human hair: Indian virgin human hair is becoming increasingly popular on the hair market and profitable for wholesalers and distributors around the world.

  • The primary source of Indian Virgin hair is temple hair. The phrase “temple hair” derives from the Indian practice of shaving the head as a religious ritual.
  • Indian Virgin hair is typically dry, black, and somewhat frizzy. Unprocessed, virgin Indian hair can be coloured and styled, but it must be straightened. Therefore, if your organization wishes to make curly or wavy hair products, purchasing Indian Virgin human hair will be optimal.
  • Indian Virgin hair has the lowest prices since they have access to an abundance of inexpensive raw materials and inexpensive labor.
  • If you like to purchase virgin human hair in bulk, look no further than India. If you require a large quantity of hair at a low cost, an Indian virgin hair supplier is an excellent option.

4. Some tips to locate reputable virgin hair suppliers

If you’re unable to visit the wholesalers of virgin human hair in person, bear the following in mind when assessing their reliability:

  • Check the addresses of the virgin hair suppliers: The addresses must correspond to actual locations that may be located using search engines like Google Maps.
  • Check customer testimonials: Look for evaluations from customers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, blogs, websites, or Bing. The majority of them must be positive, but not all.
  • Examine the photographs of the virgin hair suppliers: Choose businesses that have photographs of their actual premises and products. Avoid those who have exceptionally high-quality photographs or who use photographs from other factories because they are likely to be scammers.
  • Examine the market price to determine the average price of virgin hair. Reputable wholesale virgin hair vendors will have pricing in the middle of the market range or somewhat higher. Remember that price and quality always go hand-in-hand, therefore you should avoid vendors with excessively low prices.
  • Check the brand name of virgin hair suppliers: Reliable wholesalers of virgin hair must have a registered brand name that is widely recognized and easily searchable.
  • Analyze diverse web presences: Reputable virgin human hair wholesalers must have numerous online presences like professional websites, social media channels, and other networking platforms.
  • Choose suppliers of virgin hair with return and exchange policies: If a hair provider offers exchanges or reimbursements for damaged or defective goods, you can determine whether or not they are reputable.

The addresses must correspond to actual locations that may be located using search engines like Google Maps

5. Some tips to check the quality of virgin hair

Evaluate virgin hair’s quality before purchasing it from a supplier: There are several methods for assessing hair quality. Consider the following ideas. If you are working with a virgin hair supplier for the first time, you should request sample products or purchase one item to ensure the quality. The following guidelines will assist you in determining whether the virgin human hair is authentic virgin hair.

  • Observing and touching hair will allow you to determine its characteristics and color. If the texture and color of the hair are strikingly identical, it was likely received from a single donor.
  • To be extra cautious, you can bleach and dye the hair a specific color; light shades like as 613 are recommended. If the color is uneven, having brighter and darker spots, it may not be formed from virgin hair.
  • If hair supplied by the virgin human hair suppliers has been exposed to harmful chemicals, it will have a pungent odor that persists after numerous times of washing.
  • The hair’s susceptibility to tangling and loss can be determined by stroking it. Additionally, if the dye remains on your hands, the hair will fade quickly.

6. The most trustworthy virgin hair suppliers

When searching for dependable virgin human hair suppliers, there are a number of variables to consider. Prioritize quality and price to achieve a balance between sales and earnings. Here are several wholesale virgin human hair suppliers from around the world who are renowned for offering excellent hair extensions at competitive pricing.

6.1. Vin hair – the leading virgin hair supplier in Vietnam

Visit Vin Hair Vendor if you’re looking for a reliable Vietnamese virgin hair supplier as a supplier for your hair business.

  • Vin Hair supplies a wide variety of hair items, including hair weft bundles, raw bulk hair, closures and frontals like tape ins and tip-ins hair. The company’s hair weft is very popular among Nigerians.
  • This wholesale virgin hair factory uses only the finest Vietnamese human hair which is collected from healthy women of the northern mountains who use only herbal products to care for their hair.
  • Skilled personnel carefully select each hair strand to ensure that the hair is of the highest quality, shiny, strong, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Vin Hair Vendor has its own production plant, allowing it to offer the most competitive pricing in the hair market today. When you buy from Vin hair, you receive a fantastic offer.
  • Very few Vietnamese virgin hair suppliers, including Vin Hair, have their own production facilities. Whatever you spend at Vin hair, you will receive good value. Choosing Vin Hair Vendor as a long-term partner is a wise business decision for your company.

Vin Hair is an ideal option for hair suppliers in the hair market in search of affordable Vietnamese virgin hair of superior quality.


Vin hair – the leading virgin hair supplier in Vietnam

6.2. Mic Hair – one of the best Vietnamese virgin hair suppliers

Mic Hair is one of the top virgin human hair suppliers of Asian virgin hair and raw hair. It’s a reliable place for you to buy hair from.

  • Principal goods include hair weft, bulk hair, closures & frontals in a variety of lengths and hues…
  • Price: Not inexpensive, with pricing beginning at $7.7 per 100g of bulk hair and $12.90 per 100g of all other forms.
  • The majority of customers are pleased with Mic Hair’s products and believe the value is commensurate with the price. However, some remark that this virgin hair vendor’s shipping service and response time are quite slow.

Mic Hair is one of the best places to go if you have stringent product quality requirements.

6.3. Ted Hair – top 1 best virgin hair suppliers in China

Ted Hair was established in 2008 and has since risen to the top of the Chinese hair industry.

  • They offer Malaysian, Brazilian, and Peruvian virgin hair in form of hair weft, wigs, closures, and frontals, and hair extensions like clip-ins, tape-ins and tip-ins in various textures and lengths.
  • In comparison to other virgin hair suppliers in China, Ted Hair’s prices are significantly higher than average.
  • Customer Evaluations: Despite its positive reputation, Ted Hair occasionally receives customer complaints over the quality of the hair. Many buyers believe that the hair has been treated with chemicals. Different types of hair vary in price yet appear to be of equivalent quality.

Ted Hair, based in Guangzhou, is a contemporary China hair producer renowned for selling a vast array of hair extensions to countries throughout the world. If you need a large amount of hair in a hurry, Ted Hair can be the best choice.