If you work with hair, you’ve certainly come across the term “Cambodian virgin hair,” but you might be confused as to what it actually means. The post provides specifics on where to purchase virgin Cambodian hair and how to care for it.

1.What is Cambodian virgin hair

Human hair that comes from a single contributor and has not been chemically treated is known as “virgin hair.” It has not been processed with harsh dyes, perms, bleaches, or washings. The cuticles are undamaged and aligned in one direction. Cambodian virgin hair is the virgin hair taken from Cambodian women.

Nevertheless, other hair patterns such as body wave, deep wave, kinky curly, and pixie curly can be created using thermal or steaming processing on virgin hair.


Human hair that comes from a single contributor and has not been chemically treated is known as “virgin hair.”

2.Origins of Cambodian virgin hair

Cambodian virgin hair typically comes from women living in rural areas of the nation who are living in poverty. They frequently take care of their hair in order to grow it out in order to sell it to hair sellers because living standards are hard for them. Nevertheless, as a result of Cambodia’s growing economy, the number of women who sell their hair is decreasing, and it is becoming increasingly challenging to obtain Cambodian virgin hair. It is challenging to verify the quality of the hair sold by some Cambodian virgin hair dealers because some of them acquire hair from other nations.

As a result, if you are thinking about purchasing Cambodian virgin hair, you need to carefully assess a wide range of aspects and search for evaluations on Cambodian virgin hair. Because it is becoming increasingly challenging to locate sources of high-quality raw hair. If you are unable to locate a provider with a good reputation, you run the risk of receiving hair from sources of varying quality.


Cambodian virgin hair typically comes from women

3. Scales of Cambodian virgin hair in the world

A lot of Cambodian virgin hair is sold by Cambodian sellers every year, with the biggest markets being in Africa, the United States, and China.
Since much of the hair processing is still carried out by hand, the majority of Cambodia’s virgin hair exports are relatively straightforward items like hair bundles and wefts.

4. Some popular types of Cambodian virgin hair

In this chapter, we’ll examine hair bundles and hair weft, two of the most widely used and cost-effective items among Cambodian hairstylists.

4.1. Hair bundles – the most sought-after Cambodian virgin hair item

After being harvested, the Cambodian virgin hair is then wrapped into bundles. The length of Cambodian virgin hair bundles typically ranges from 8 to 32 inches, and their weight typically hovers around 3.5 ounces (100 grams).
The vast majority of businesses all over the world, particularly in China, the United States, and Africa, purchase Cambodian virgin hair on a regular basis. As they buy raw virgin hair bundles, they will reduce costs such as trade tariffs and other fees, which will save them money. They simply have to add certain manufacturing stages to manufacture other hair extensions or manufacture hair wigs, and then they will be capable of making 8-10 times greater profit from these products. When they start with Cambodian virgin hair bundles, this is all they need to do.


Hair bundles – the most sought-after Cambodian virgin hair item

4.2. Cambodian hair weft – well-liked Cambodian virgin hair product

The term “hair weft” refers to a set of individual hair strands that have been sewed onto a tiny section of fabric. Weft hair is a common option for those who have poor or weak hair because it is flexible and successful in creating the appearance of dense, long hair without placing strain on the natural hair. This makes it an appealing choice for people who have weak or poor hair.

  • Weft hair is quite well-liked across the African continent. Because their hair is typically short, fine, and unruly, it is exceedingly challenging to create hairstyles for them. Since of this, a lot of individuals who would like thick hair, long hair, or trendy hair select Cambodian virgin hair weft as it is the alternative that is the fastest and most comfortable.
  • Many Africans are willing to spend a significant amount of cash on hair extension goods since they want to try out different styles. It is not uncommon for a woman to try out a new haircut six to eight times a year. Also, wholesalers and retailers in these countries can buy Cambodian virgin hair weft to use in making hair wigs, which they can then sell to customers at a profit. The hair weft industry has the potential to yield an annualized profit of between $8 and $10 million.

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Cambodian hair weft – well-liked Cambodian virgin hair product

5. Assessing the Quality of Cambodian Virgin Hair

It is difficult to determine the quality of hair from some Cambodian vendors because they source their hair from a variety of sources. Anyone with family or friends conveniently located close to a Cambodian virgin hair facility can attest to the product’s excellence on your behalf. You can also buy a sample to inspect the quality if the hair manufacturer offers them. Use these suggestions to select the finest Cambodian virgin hair:

  • Visual inspection is key; make sure the hair bundle you purchase is the right length and that it is all the same.
    • Pay particular attention to the hair’s ends to examine if they are tangled and unruly. If the cuticle has been damaged, which is possible, then the hair is not truly raw and will shortly turn brittle and fracture.
  • Verify manually: Check for shedding by stroking the bundle with your palm and seeing if the hair feels silky.
  • To see if hair will dissolve in water, place a few strands in a cup. Indicative of high-quality hair is when it floats; hair that sinks indicates low-quality. This is due to the fact that low-quality, chemically-treated hair may take in more moisture.
  • Since it hasn’t been processed with chemicals, virgin hair will have a fresh, natural aroma. The hair is not of good quality if it smells strange or chemically.

6. Top best Cambodian virgin hair suppliers

Finding a reliable source to get high-quality Cambodian virgin hair will save you a lot of time and work. We have compiled a list of trustworthy Cambodian virgin hair vendors for your convenience.

6.1. Apsara Cambodian Hair – top 1 in the best Cambodian virgin hair vendor

Everyone from complete hair novices to seasoned stylists and wholesaler hopefuls will find something to their liking in the extensive selection of products available from Apsara Cambodian Hair.

  • They specialize in Cambodian closures, as well as straight, naturally wavy, huge waves, and deep wavy curly hair.
  • Price is very affordable, with 1 kg of Cambodian straight hair starting at $450.00 USD.

If you’re searching for Cambodian virgin hair, look no further than Apsara Cambodian Hair; they won’t disappoint.

6.2. Angkor Cambodian Hair – top 2 in the best Cambodian virgin hair vendor

In terms of price and quality, Angkor Cambodian Hair is among the top locations to buy Cambodian virgin hair.

  • Angkor Cambodian Hair is available in five different patterns: straight, loose wave, body wave, deep wave, and minor curly. They provide a wide variety of synthetic hair products, including wigs, clip-in extensions, frontals, closures, and even white and gray strands.
  • This Cambodian virgin hair supplier caters to the demands of both large and small wholesalers (1–20 kg for 1 order).
  • Expenses: Expenses are calculated using double-drawn straight wefts as the base. Hair with a loose/natural wave costs an extra $10/kg, while Very Wavy costs $20/kg, and Deep Wavy/Curly costs $30/kg.

Angkor Cambodian Hair is a great option if you’re seeking for Cambodian virgin hair of the greatest quality.

6.3. Virgin Hair Cambodia – top 3 in the best Cambodian virgin hair vendor

Virgin Hair Cambodia only sells 100% authentic, raw Cambodian Remy hair for their wigs and hair extensions.

  • Goods: It comes in its traditional Straight, Wavy, and Curly styles and colors (Black, Natural Brown, and Grey).
  • They also offer bespoke services, including the careful sewing and clipping of wefts.
  • The pricing range offered by this Cambodian virgin hair vendor is quite high, starting at $625 for 1 kilogram of natural straight virgin Remy hair.
  • The return period is two weeks.

To find the best company to work with, look no further than Virgin Hair Cambodia.