In the current hair market, Malaysia virgin hair is also the type of hair that is sought after by hair lovers today. Let’s learn more about Malaysia virgin hair more clearly through this article

1. Overview about Malaysia virgin hair

Malaysian virgin hair is a type of hair taken from only one Malaysian woman. They are people living in rural areas of the country, so they have healthy hair care habits with natural ingredients.
Malaysian Virgin Hair is hair that is taken directly from humans without being affected by heat or chemicals. Therefore, it has become one of the most sought-after hair types from Southeast Asia on the market today


Malaysian Virgin Hair is one of the most sought-after hair types from Southeast Asia on the market today

2. Hair quality of Malaysia virgin hair

To become a favorite hair type in the hair market, Malaysia virgin hair must have outstanding quality features. This section will help you better understand that:

  • Malaysian ladies are the source of Malaysian hair. Typically, they are sold on the market as natural, untreated wicks. And these types of hair that are only taken from a Malaysian woman are called Malaysia virgin hair
  • Malaysia virgin hair has a thicker, stronger and smoother texture than Indian hair. However, it is not shiny and soft like Vietnamese virgin hair. Malaysia virgin hair can be found in many hair suppliers in China.
  • Malaysia virgin hair has a natural shiny and black hair color. The reason for this is the natural climate of Malaysia. Because of this, Malaysia virgin hair can easily dye many different hair colors. Even color 613- a sought-after hair color in the hair market
  • The Malaysia virgin hair is thick but not coarse and she is equally sturdy. Because curly-haired Malaysian women only take care of their hair with the most natural methods through natural ingredients such as locust or grapefruit. They don’t use any chemicals or heat on their hair. This helps Malaysia virgin hair after many styling or color changes, but still retains its healthy and soft shine.

Malaysian virgin hair is considered to be of good quality in the market. So if you are looking to start your own hair business, choosing Malaysian virgin hair can be said to be a pretty reasonable decision.


Malaysia virgin hair has outstanding quality features

3. Price of Maylaysia virgin hair

Because it is a country in Southeast Asia, the price of Malaysia virgin hair is cheap on the market today. Malaysian virgin hair is rapidly gaining popularity on the market due to its affordable price. Since there is a consistent supply, the price of Malaysian virgin hair is also stable. From $8 per bundle of human hair weft to $11 per bundle of Clip-in hair extensions.

4. Scales of Malaysia virgin hair in the world

Malaysia virgin hair is now present in many parts of the world, but China can be considered the largest market that Malaysia exports virgin hair to. There are a few reasons why exporting Malaysian virgin hair to China is so popular:

  • Since the national hair industry is not yet fully developed, most of the time hair is shipped to China for the purpose of being styled and sold there. It is common knowledge that China is the nation with the highest level of technological development in the world.
  • The creation of Malaysian hair in China involves a mass production method and sophisticated pieces of equipment. The hair is colored and styled with a great deal of chemical input, and as a result, the finished products have a more arresting appearance.

The creation of Malaysian hair in China involves a mass production method and sophisticated pieces of equipment

5. How to check quality of Malaysia virgin hair

If you would like to purchase the finest Malaysia virgin hair from Malaysia, consider the following recommendations:

  • You might request that family or friends who reside close to the Malaysia hair factory evaluate the quality of the virgin hair on your behalf. You may also request a sample of the hair to evaluate its quality, if the manufacturer provides one.
  • Make sure that the bundles of Malaysia virgin hair are the appropriate length and that they are all the same length.
  • Check to check if the ends of the hair are ruffled and frizzy and fix them if they are. If this is the situation, the cuticles may have been damaged during the processing stage; as a result, the hair is not genuinely virgin and will become brittle and easy to break as a result of this.
  • Brushing the bundle of Malaysia virgin hair with your fingers several times and evaluating whether or not it feels smooth is one way to manually examine the hair for shedding.
  • Take a small handful of hairs and drop them into the water in the glass. If the hair is free-floating, then the quality is excellent, but if it is immersed, then the quality is not very good. Because hair of low quality that has been chemically treated might take in water.
  • Because it has not been subjected to any form of chemical processing, Malaysia virgin hair will pass the smell test with a nice and natural aroma. If the hair has a smell that is unnatural or chemically, then the quality of the hair is not very high.

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Take a small handful of hairs and drop them into the water in the glass

6. Compare Malaysia virgin hair with other virgin hair types

The table below will help customers distinguish Malaysia virgin hair compared to other famous virgin hair types on the market.

Malaysia virgin hair Vietnamese virgin hair Burmese virgin hair China virgin hair
Origin From women living in rural Malaysia From the women living in the mountains of northern Vietnam Hair is taken from people who donate hair to the Hindu temple Hair is taken from many places, mainly Indian hair and Brazilian hair
Quality Malaysia virgin hair is smooth, shiny and quite thick compared to other virgin hair Excellent quality, strong and natural long black The quality of hair varies depending on the origin of the hair, the hair is durable and strong Depending on the source of the hair angle it takes, the hair will be of low quality or high quality
Price Considered to have a cheap price in the market Considered the most premium hair type, it is quite expensive in the market. However, this is still a good price for the high quality The supply price is quite high because the supply of Burmese virgin hair is not abundant Most Chinese virgin hair products are inexpensive
Supply The available supply is quite large The available supply is quite large Limited supply The supply is extremely abundant

7. Top 3 best places to sell Malaysia virgin hair you must know

Finding Malaysia virgin hair suppliers is not an easy thing. Moreover, finding a hair supplier is even more difficult. Understanding that, we will suggest to you top 3 best Malaysia virgin hair suppliers below that you can refer to.

7.1. Raw Malaysian Hair – Top 1 best places to sell Malaysia virgin hair

With years of industry experience, Raw Malaysian Hair has become a voice in the hair industry in Malaysia. They provide their customers with the best products on the market today

  • Product: Raw Malaysia Hair offers a wide range of hair products in a variety of colors and shapes. Customers can also order hair products according to their preferences
  • Price: Virgin Malaysia hair big wave has price from 55$/ 100g 12 inches
  • Shipping policy: All products will be shipped within 24-72 hours after receiving your purchase. DHL will deliver your package within three to four business days.

Raw Malaysian Hair is one of the best virgin hair companies in Malaysia, customers can rely on their superior products, superior communication, and extensive experience.

7.2. Unice – Top 2 best places to sell Malaysia virgin hair

Unice has a mission so that every girl in the world can own gorgeous hair. They offer the best quality Malaysia virgin hair products.

  • Product: Diversity of products such as wigs, closure & frontals, hair weaves and hair accessories,…
  • Price: From 70$/ Malaysia virgin hair bundles
  • Policy: Accept change and refund within 30 days

Coming to Unice, customers will experience the best Malaysia virgin hair products with excellent care services.

7.3. Volure Hair Boutique – Top 3 best places to sell Malaysia virgin hair

This is also one of the places where you can choose to buy quality Malaysia virgin hair products at affordable prices.

  • Product: Weaves & closure, clip-in extensions, wigs and hair accessories
  • Price: From 30$ for straight Malaysia virgin weaves
  • Policy: If you discover any problems with your straight Malaysian virgin hair during the first two weeks, you may return it for a refund or replacement.

If you want to own quality Malaysia virgin hair without being too expensive, then this is the place for you.