Prospects for the international hair industry are substantial, with Africa representing a particularly promising region. In addition, the best virgin hair companies should not be overlooked if one is in the market for starting a hair business or locating a hair provider for an existing one.

1.Criteria of the best virgin hair companies

To be considered the best virgin hair companies, a firm must operate lawfully, maintain a physical location (including a registered office and factory) and sell competitively priced, high-quality goods. Authenticity ensured by a physical location and a legitimate company name. premium quality hair at competitive prices to maximize the success of wholesalers, retailers, and consumers alike.

  • The best virgin hair companies are legitimate, with a public business registration license, an easily searchable Google Maps listing, and a publicly available factory and office location.
  • Manufacturing: Even if the best virgin hair companies on our list isn’t the largest, they can nonetheless fulfill the needs of consumers who place huge orders.
  • It’s no secret that all of the raw materials used by the best virgin hair companies come from the hair of healthy women. They are people of color whose hair is strong and silky because they never put chemicals on it.
  • Superb quality: Their items are among the finest on the market. Hair is hardy, robust, and resilient; it takes dye and heat well and may be styled without breaking. Moreover, because virgin hair is the hair taken from a single donor, the hair extensions must be consistent and uniform when coloring.
  • The best virgin hair companies have transparent policies and services, such as friendly and helpful customer care and a simple return process. They’re on call at all hours to respond to any inquiries you may have.

The best virgin hair companies will meet the aforementioned criteria. If you’re looking to buy hair at a low price without sacrificing quality, your first stop should be at the best virgin hair companies.


Criteria of the best virgin hair companies

2. Top best virgin hair companies in the world

When searching for dependable hair suppliers, there are a number of variables to evaluate. Emphasize quality and price to achieve a balance between sales and earnings. Here are the best virgin hair companies from around the world who are renowned for offering excellent hair extensions at competitive pricing.

2.1. Vin Hair Vendor – top 1 in the best virgin hair companies

Vin Hair Vendor is the finest option if you work in the hair market searching the best virgin hair companies.

  • Vin Hair Vendor sells many different types of hair extensions, such as bundles, wefts, clips, tapes, and tips. Weft hair products, in particular, have found a large customer base in Nigeria.
  • For their virgin hair goods, this dependable distributor employs only the finest human hair available, all of which comes from Vietnam. Hair is collected from ladies of the northern hills who practice eco-friendly beauty routines by using only herbs.
  • Each individual hair is hand-selected by experts to ensure that it is robust, resilient, and beautiful throughout the duration of the service.
  • Since it runs its own factory, the Vin Hair Vendor can provide such low prices. Vin Hair offers a wide variety of products at rock-bottom prices.
  • Vin Hair, among the best raw virgin hair vendors, is unique among hair companies in that it also produces its own hair. Vin hair offers fantastic quality for the price. You should move ahead with Vin Hair right away because they are a great resource.

Any retailer or wholesaler in the hair industry in search of cheap, high-quality virgin Vietnamese hair should go no farther than Vin Hair Vendor.


Vin Hair Vendor – top 1 in the best virgin hair companies

2.2. Mic Hair – top 2 in the best virgin hair companies

Mic Hair is internationally known for its distribution of both virgin hair and other 100 percent in terms of human hair goods.

  • Bulk hair, weft hair, closures, and frontals are the company’s main offerings, and they are available in a broad variety of lengths and colors.
  • The price of wholesale hair is $ 7.7 per 0.1 kg, whereas the price of all other varieties of hair is $ 12.9 per 0.1 kg.
  • Mic Hair has a large number of satisfied customers who report paying reasonable prices for the great quality of the company’s products.

Although Mic Hair is slow to deliver and answer, they are the best virgin companies available if you have high expectations for the quality of your hair.


Mic Hair – top 2 in the best virgin hair companies

2.3. Ted Hair – top 3 in the best virgin hair companies

Ted Hair, first introduced in 2008, quickly became the go-to brand for synthetic hair extensions in China and worldwide.

  • Even though their Remy hair isn’t virgin, it’s still of the highest quality. Several developing nations, including Laos, Malaysia, Brazil, and India, supply the raw ingredients.
  • Primary Items: Wigs, lace closures, clip-ins, tape-ins, and hair of varied lengths and types are just some of the hair extension options offered by one of the best virgin hair companies.
  • When compared to similar businesses selling Chinese hair, Ted Hair’s prices are significantly higher than usual.
  • Customer Reviews: Despite Ted Hair’s stellar reputation, its hair quality is a frequent point of complaint from consumers.
  • Some buyers suspect their goods contain synthetic components. The quality of the many various types of hair on the market appears to be uniformly low.
  • Guangzhou-based Ted Hair is a market leader in the production of hair extensions for export around the world.

Ted hair is one of the biggest wholesale virgin hair factory in China with many loyal customers. If you need a large quantity of high-quality wholesale hair quickly, Ted Hair is the best option.


Ted Hair – top 3 in the best virgin hair companies

2.4. SGI Indian Human Hair – top 4 in the best virgin hair companies

SGI Hair was founded in 2008 and has since grown to become one of the best virgin hair companies in India. This is due to the company’s dedication to achieving or surpassing all relevant quality benchmarks.
The History of the Concept Donating women’s hair is a common form of service for Hindu temples in India, making the main material

  • Vendors of wholesale virgin hair typically stock a wide variety of items, including machine weft, raw hair, lace extensions, clip-ins, tape-ins, and tip-ins.
  • There aren’t many new hair care techniques for Indian hair, and its specific traits make it stand out as being of poorer quality than hair from Vietnam and China.
  • Wholesale orders placed with SGI qualify for some of the industry’s most competitive pricing. Weekly, monthly, and annual discounts are all on the table.
  • Clients’ Opinions: Due to the usage of antiquated manufacturing processes, customers have claimed that their hair is weaker and thinner than predicted, and that it looks greasy and knots more easily than intended.

SGI Hair is a good alternative if you require the best virgin hair companies and aren’t finicky about quality.

2.5. Angkor Hair – top 5 in the best virgin hair companies

When it comes to distributors of Cambodian human hair, Angkor Hair has been at the forefront for the past five years.

  • Their main products include hair that is straight, somewhat wavy, noticeably wavy, and loosely curly, and they provide all of them in a wide range of lengths.
  • Double-drawn, straight hair wefts are available for as little as $425 a kilogram.
  • Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with many people praising the low price and high quality of these goods. Unprofessionalism in customer service persists.

In addition to the virgin hair source I described above, Angkor Hair is also a good bet if you’re trying to find high-quality hair at a low cost.

2.6. 5S Hair Vietnam – top 6 in the best virgin hair companies

If you’re in the market for high-quality hair extensions, go no further than 5S Hair, one of the best virgin hair companies in Vietnam.
5S Hair Vietnam is the first Vietnamese business to offer wholesale virgin hair. The facility’s 2022 output was the year that Vietnam’s most recognizable brand was created.

  • Since it is not chemically treated, Vietnamese women’s hair is considered among the best in the world. Constant attention is paid to maintaining the hair’s health, straightness, and silky sheen.
  • Most people opt for straight or wavy weft hair.
  • Service: Discounts and other perks are given to repeat buyers as a way of saying thanks for their continued support. The customer service representatives at the wholesale virgin hair manufacturer are experts at making their consumers satisfied.
  • Clients who have purchased from this wholesale virgin hair manufacturer have commented favorably on the reasonable rates and great quality of the products. Fast delivery and safe payment methods that don’t affect each other.

If you’re looking for high-quality hair at a reasonable price, locate the best wholesale virgin hair factory that can deliver on time. As a result, 5s Hair Factory is highly recommended.

2.7. Indian Mermaid Hair – top 7 in the best virgin hair companies

This comes up regularly in the search queries for distributors to do contact with for both hair shops and salon managers.

  • Best-sellers: At this Indian hair factory, customers can pick from a broad variety of hair products, such as those created in bulk, weft, hair extensions, wigs, and more.
  • It’s generally agreed that this manufacturer’s wares are tops in terms of both quality and style.
  • Its price tag is far more reasonable compared to the rest of the world. In addition, the firm offers deep yearly discounts for regular customers.
  • The pricing at Virgin Hair Factory, where a broad range of hair kinds is available, are extremely high.
  • Indian Mermaid Hair is one of the best virgin hair companies that won’t empty your bank account but will still provide you with high-quality hair.

Your investment in the providers should be carefully considered, and you should investigate the company thoroughly, if you have no experience managing a retail virgin hair business.