Russian virgin hair extensions is highly sought after in the industry of hair extensions all over the world due to its one-of-a-kind quality and the fact that it is difficult to locate. Is it true that virgin Russian hair has a quality that lives up to the rumors? Let’s read this article together and find out everything we can about it.

1.Origin of Russian virgin hair extensions

Different regions of Russia supply the majority of the nation’s virgin hair for export. Mosalsk town is home to both starvation and poverty, but selling hair is nevertheless a “profitable” venture. Many ladies in need of financial assistance sell their virgin Russian hair to hair traders in this city. When these ladies need cash, they know they may sell their hair and use the proceeds to protect themselves. Slavic Hair is a major Russian virgin hair extensions.


Slavic Hair is a major Russian virgin hair extensions

2. Russian virgin hair extensions brings huge profits

The Russian virgin hair extensions fetches the maximum price in the worldwide hair sector, which is worth billions of dollars annually. Therefore, let’s see how much money we can make off of buying Russian virgin hair extensions.

In many countries, the hair industry has surpassed even the longest-running industries in terms of profitability, a development which perhaps no one could have predicted when it began. In spite of the worldwide economic downturn, the hair industry is booming, with Russian virgin hair extensions being particularly sought after.

  • Russian virgin hair extensions wholesale was a major factor in the success of businesses dealing in human hair. Russian virgin hair extensions have captivated consumers throughout the world, who are willing to shell out a hefty sum to add length and volume to their natural hair. It’s no surprise that Russian virgin hair extensions have played a significant role in the industry’s expansion. The average cost of Russian virgin hair extensions is $500, which is a significant sum for any consumer.
  • Hair vendors who stock Russian virgin hair extensions might charge far more than the going market rate because of the hair’s rarity and distinctive qualities. Because of the great demand for Russian virgin hair extensions in the German market, hair merchants in Russia can earn substantial profits.

Russian virgin hair extensions brings huge profits

3. Availability of Russian virgin hair extensions as of the present

Because of rising standards of life, the supply of Russian virgin hair extensions has been decreasing during the previous six to seven years.

Both the producers and distributors of Russian virgin hair extensions of Eastern European hair will eventually have to resort to purchasing hair from other nations and processing it in some way (most likely by whitening or dying it). The women who travel to nations like Vietnam, China, and India generally do so in search of hair. Being chemically-savvy nations, Russia and Eastern Europe have superior whitening and dying methods to even China.

There are no hard numbers on this, but based on our specialists’ observations, we may estimate that between twenty and twenty-five percent of the hair supplied by Russian virgin hair extensions suppliers is already blonde, with the remaining hair having been lightened through bleaching and dying. Kaluga Hair, long recognized for its natural blonde products, has been forced to progressively transition to the dying direction at one of the very large Russian plants.


The supply of Russian virgin hair extensions has been decreasing

4. The Price of Russian virgin hair extensions

It is a well-known fact that the cost of Russian virgin hair extensions is significantly more than the cost of other varieties of hair found all over the world. Given the excellent features of Russian virgin hair extensions in terms of both its structure and its quality, it is simple to comprehend why this is the case. A customer who wishes to purchase

  • Russian virgin hair extensions may expect to spend at least $500; nevertheless, this number does not take into account price variations that may occur at various store outlets and depending on the circumstances.
    Russian virgin hair extensions are particularly hard to come by on the market today as a result of the limited availability; as a result, the price of hair has increased significantly as a result.
  • The natural color of Russian virgin hair extensions is light brown or blonde; this is a shade that is popular among women but can only be achieved by whitening the hair. As a result, it is more desirable, and there are a lot of individuals who are willing to shell out a lot of money to acquire it.
  • Furthermore, each hair is hand-picked by trained professionals to guarantee the greatest quality for consumers; the Russian hair business is also very advanced, with cutting-edge technology and equipment; therefore, the price of hair is greater due to the higher cost of its inputs.

There will be a premium over the cost of virgin Russian hair materials for extensions. Since they are closer to becoming a final product and can be used immediately by consumers. Nevertheless, there is a pricing difference between clip-in and tip-in weft hair extensions and other forms of weft hair. Most other varieties of hair will be more expensive than weft hair.

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The Price of Russian virgin hair extensions

5. Top Russian virgin hair extensions suppliers

You won’t have to spend time going from salon to salon in search of high-quality Russian virgin hair extensions because we’ve already done that legwork for you.

5.1. Russian virgin hair extensions suppliers in Russia

You may find a list of reliable Russian virgin hair extensions suppliers below.

5.1.1. Hair By Russians – top 1 in the best Russian virgin hair extensions suppliers

St. Petersburg, Russia is home to Hair By Russians. For clients all around the world, they process and color Russian Slavic hair that is 100% natural.

  • Tape hair, tip hair, and clip in hair produced from Russian virgin hair extensions come in a wide range of on-trend colors. The hair can be colored and styled with heat tools.
  • They exclusively utilize the highest quality Slavic hair, and their online store is among the top in the US for purchasing virgin hair.
  • As far as elevated hair goes, the price is very fair.
  • Return period of up to thirty days
  • Many positive comments have been made about their virgin human hair and the helpfulness of the customer service staff, yet some have voiced dissatisfaction with the delivery delay.

If you want to acquire high-quality Russian virgin hair extensions, Hair By Russians is a fantastic option.

5.1.2. Kalugahair – top 2 in the best Russian virgin hair extensions suppliers

Kalugahair is a hair processing plant that buys “donor hair” and then sells its final goods to customers. All of the Russian virgin hair extensions they sell are of the greatest quality. The firm has been making EXCLUSIVE high-quality hair for all types of extension technology for over fifteen years.

  • Tape hair, I-tip hair, flat tip hair, machine sewed wefts, and ponytails are the most popular styles.
  • You must spend at least $3000 to place an order.
  • Russian virgin hair extensions is of such excellent quality that it comes at a hefty price.
  • Normal shipping times are 4 business days. Both UPS and DHL are utilized for shipping purposes.
  • Consumer reviews consistently state that while they like the quality and service, they wish the price was a little lower.

If you’re looking to acquire high-quality Russian virgin hair extensions, look no further than Kalugahair, one of the largest Russian hair wholesale companies in eastern Europe.

5.1.3. Russian Hair Manufactory – top 3 in the best Russian virgin hair extensions suppliers

Russian Hair Manufactory No.1, located out of the Russian capital of Moscow, is a Russian-Israeli partnership that manufactures wigs and similar hair products. Leading Israeli hair professionals train the production staff.

  • Slavic chignons, clip-in extensions, tape hair, and tipped hair are just some of the products available.
  • The price is fair, and the quality is excellent.
  • Some consumers have complained about the quality of the products, but the majority of reviewers have had a pleasant experience.

To find the best Russian virgin hair extensions factory, Nadula Hair ought to be at the top of your list.

5.2. World-renowned hair factories combine with Russian hair factories

Some Russian virgin hair extensions vendors below will help you save the time.

5.2.1. Vin Hair Vendor – the best Vietnamese hair factory

Situated in both Hanoi and Bac Ninh, Vin Hair Vendor is widely regarded as Vietnam’s premier hair production facility. They started out as a modest shop, but now they’re one of the biggest hair wholesalers in the entire world.

  • The Vin hair vendor stands out among the various Vietnamese wholesale hair factories as the best possible business partner for the Russian virgin hair extensions companies. They have a huge fan base that includes many Russian clients.
  • Vin hair vendor has produced and sent Vietnamese hair all over the world for a long time now. To ensure the highest quality of hair is produced at this wholesale hair factory, specialists examine the donor’s nutrition and the atmosphere where the hair was nurtured.
  • Vietnamese virgin hair, of the finest quality, is used in their goods. This hair is collected from women in the northern highland regions. The women here live quite healthily and treat their hair with plants from the local environment, so it is no surprise that their hair is likewise robust.
  • Their inventory features a broad selection of tape hair, tip hair, clip-in hair, weft hair,… in a wide range of shades and forms. You can safely style and color your hair with these products. Ten tons of hair are shipped annually to Russian virgin hair extensions processing plants
  • Their hair is highly sought after because of its inexpensive price and good quality. Its low production cost is a result of its easy accessibility to both cheap labor and inexpensive materials. You will not find a superior provider than them in terms of both cost and quality.

Vin hair vendor is the greatest hair factory to engage with if you’re searching for low-priced, high-quality hair extensions. Since they operate their own facility in Vietnam, you may rest assured that you’ll always receive high-quality hair from them. If you’re looking for a reliable hair vendor, look no further than Vin Hair Vendor.

5.2.2. UNice Hair – the best Chinese hair factory

UNice is well recognized as one of the world’s leading suppliers of raw hair because of its competitive prices and extensive selection. Additionally, they play a crucial role for Russian virgin hair extensions production facilities as a partner.

  • They specialize in Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, and Peruvian hair, among others, and use it in their weaves, wigs, lace closures, and other hairpieces.
  • Very reasonable pricing from $70 and $320 USD per item.
  • Merchandise can be returned or exchanged within 1 month. After we receive and verify the return request, they will issue a refund within 24hrs.

If you’re in need of a trustworthy place to get hair, go no further than UNice Hair.