Virgin hair bundles are in high demand, which is not surprising. Nonetheless, numerous individuals continue to misunderstand their definitions and qualities. This essay will explain everything and serve as a guide to purchasing the greatest virgin hair bundles.

1. The definition of virgin hair bundles

Virgin hair bundles are hair taken from a single donor and have not gone through any chemical treatment, so that the cuticle layer stays intact and aligned.
Virgin hair bundles can come in some textures like straight, body wavy, and loose wavy,… which do not require chemicals for styling.

2. Popular sources of virgin hair bundles

For the best pricing and quality, you should get hair from nations with a long history in the industry and an abundance of raw materials. Vietnam, Malaysia, and India are the popular sources of virgin hair bundles.

2.1. Vietnamese virgin hair bundles – one of the best virgin hair bundles

Vietnamese virgin hair bundles are well known because of:

  • Clear origin of raw materials: Vietnamese virgin hair bundles are essentially made entirely of raw materials of transparent origin. It is taken straight out of the donors’ hair. Raw materials are gathered from rural places where women who have long hair take good care of it, avoid chemicals, and sell it to make extra money.
  • Vietnamese virgin hair bundles are of superior quality: virgin hair bundles are made of Vietnamese virgin hair which is naturally soft, smooth and strong thanks to the mild climate, natural human characteristics and hair care routine of Vietnamese people. With proper care, raw Vietnamese virgin hair bundles can last up to 10 years. This is because they are totally not exposed to chemicals.
  • Price of Vietnamese virgin hair bundles: Due to the abundance of domestic raw materials, the low cost of labor, and the existence of traditional craft villages with extensive knowledge, the price of Vietnamese virgin hair bundles is rather modest (around $12/bundle) than those from many other countries.

Virgin hair bundles are hair taken from a single donor and have not gone through any chemical treatment

2.2. Malaysian virgin hair bundles – one of the finest virgin hair types

If you want to buy virgin hair bundles, Malaysia is another location to take into account. Basically, Malaysian virgin hair bundles have many similarities with virgin Vietnamese hair bundles.

  • Clear origin of raw materials: Malaysian virgin hair bundles are also made of raw materials which have a transparent origin. Malaysian women in rural areas also sell their hair for extra income.
  • Malaysian virgin hair bundles are of high quality: Malaysian virgin hair bundles are made of hair that is naturally curly, soft and silky. With proper care, raw Malaysian virgin hair bundles can last up to 5 years.
  • Price of Malaysian virgin hair bundles: Due to the abundance of domestic raw materials and the low cost of labor, the price of Malaysian virgin hair bundles is rather competitive (around $10/bundle).

Malaysian virgin hair bundles – one of the finest virgin hair types

2.3. Indian Virgin hair bundles – the lowest price in the world market

India is a country where you can get the cheapest virgin hair bundles:

  • Indian virgin hair bundles’ origin and characteristics: Typically, raw materials for Indian Virgin hair bundles are obtained from donors or from temples where Indians do their ritualistic shaving. The curly and coarse qualities of real Indian hair are present in Indian Virgin hair bundles.
  • Indian Virgin hair bundles’ quality: It is sturdy enough to withstand bleaching and dying, but it lacks shine and luster and has a shorter lifespan.
  • Price of Indian virgin hair bundles: Due to cheap labor costs, Indian virgin hair bundles are sold for around $6 per bundle on the global hair market. Typically, women who are paid extremely low hourly wages work in factories making raw Indian hair bundles. A plentiful supply of basic resources was obtained directly from donors or temples. Because they are located primarily in temples and collectors are not even charged to collect hair there, the cost of obtaining raw materials is low.

Indian Virgin hair bundles – the lowest price in the world market

3. Some tips to buy high-quality virgin hair bundles

Make a list of trustworthy virgin hair suppliers to purchase high-quality Indian Virgin hair bundles, then further narrow the list by evaluating the standard of their offerings.

3.1. Compiling a list of dependable suppliers of virgin hair bundles

Finding hair vendors who sell virgin hair bundles is the first step in compiling a list of trustworthy virgin hair suppliers. Next, you should identify credible hair sellers from this list.

  • Identify a provider of virgin hair bundles: There are many ways to locate virgin hair suppliers, including search engines (such as Google, Bing, etc.), trade shows, and word-of-mouth.
  • Sort the list: Select the best wholesale virgin hair vendors to buy virgin hair bundles with the following qualities:
    • Using real photos of the goods and companies rather than overly excellent and simulated ones
    • Having their own registered brand names and providing transparent information about their companies and products
    • Verifying actual addresses on Google Maps
    • Receiving favorable comments from clients regarding raw hair bundles. It need not be exclusively positive, but it must be plural.
    • Existing in e-commerce platforms like Amazon, and Alibaba, or having other contact information outside of websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channels, etc. We advise placing your order from the supplier’s store if it is present on these e-commerce platforms because they have stronger consumer protection policies than websites, which will lessen your risk.
    • Having return and warranty policies. Choose virgin hair bundles vendors who allow refunds and exchanges. If their products have flaws, reputable virgin hair bundles will gladly accept your returns. Even large hair vendors occasionally make mistakes.
    • Always eager to use video conferencing to demonstrate to consumers the factories and products without avoiding their inquiries

You should select virgin hair bundles suppliers who accept Paypal as payment since Paypal has a policy to protect the rights of purchasers, lowering the dangers associated with online shopping.

3.2. Some tips to determine the quality of virgin hair bundles

For the most reliable quality testing, you should immediately examine sample products to determine whether or not the hair suppliers provide virgin hair bundles of high quality.

  • Smelling test: If hair products from a Vietnamese distributor of virgin hair have been exposed to harmful chemicals, they will have a pungent odor that persists after numerous times of washing.
  • Test for shedding and tangling: Running your fingers through your hair can tell whether it is prone to shedding or tangling. Additionally, if the dye color gets on your hands, the hair will fade quickly.
  • Porosity test: Drop some hair strands into water; if they float, the virgin hair bundles are of high quality; if they sink, the bundles are of poor quality.
  • In addition, if you purchase hair for bleaching purposes, you can bleach and dye it brilliant colors like as 613 to determine whether the color is uniform.
  • If there are no sample products available for you to assess the quality directly, you can video call the sales/representatives of the virgin hair bundles provider and request that they conduct a porosity test or a shedding test.

Test for shedding and tangling

4. Top recommended suppliers of virgin hair bundles

Below is a list of well-known hair suppliers from around the globe who are regarded by clients for providing the highest quality virgin hair bundles at reasonable prices.

4.1. Ted Hair – A reputable supplier of virgin hair bundles

Ted Hair was established in 2008, and since then has established itself as a respected supplier of the best virgin hair on the international market.

  • Their primary goods consist of high-quality virgin hair bundles (bulk and hair weft), closures & frontals, hair wigs, and hair extensions in a range of lengths, colors, and textures. Their wigs and hair weft are in high demand across the globe.
  • Ted Hair sells products in the premium part of the worldwide hair market at somewhat high costs, beginning at $19.5 for 100g of Malaysian virgin hair bundles.
  • Exchanges and returns: are accepted within 7 days of receipt under specific conditions.

Each year, Ted Hair, which has their own huge and modern plant, provides an enormous quantity of hair goods to the global hair market. If you need a huge number of the finest virgin hair bundles in a hurry, look no further.

4.2. Vin Hair Vendor – the best Vietnamese hair vendor of virgin hair bundles

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the best Vietnamese hair vendors that will not let you down with their high-quality hair and reasonable prices.

  • Products: They mainly sell hair weft, closure & frontal, and hair extensions to the world hair market.
  • Price: really reasonable, 88$ for 1kg hair weft, varying to the length, grade and color.
  • Policy: exchange and return are accepted within 30 days of receipt.

Vin Hair Vendor is one of the best virgin hair companies for anyone looking to start their own hair business because of its high quality and low price.

4.3. Adorable Hair – a well-known supplier of the finest Indian Virgin hair bundles.

Since its founding in 2008, Adorable Hair has been one of India’s most well-known and reputable producers of virgin hair bundles.

  • Products: bulk and weft raw hair bundles, wigs, closures, and frontals
  • They offer extremely affordable pricing, from $70 for 1 kg of straight hair measuring 10 inches in length.
  • Returns/Exchanges: Requests for refunds or exchanges must be filed within seven days and adhere to certain requirements.

Adorable Hair is a good place to purchase Indian Virgin hair bundles if you value inexpensive pricing and do not have high expectations for quality.