Because of its rarity and superior quality, virgin hair is becoming increasingly popular. Where can you locate reliable wholesale virgin hair factory, and what sort of deals can you expect to strike with them? This article explains everything.

1. The Best Places to Look for wholesale virgin hair factory

Asia not only has the most rapidly expanding market for virgin hair extension products, but also the most well-known suppliers of raw hair on a wholesale basis. It’s important to note that the availability and quality of hair resources varies considerably across regions. Here’s a quick rundown of the major virgin hair-producing countries in Asia: China, India, and Vietnam.

1.1. Wholesale virgin hair factory in China

When it comes to quality hair, China is the world’s biggest wholesale virgin hair factory. However, since virgin hair is so uncommon, they don’t have any; alternatively, they make high-quality remy hair. You should look other than China if you would like to buy virgin hair online.

  • This hair is harvested from Chinese women, but because it is so scarce, it is typically exported to other nations such as India, Vietnam, and Cambodia by a wholesale virgin hair factory.
  • Hair quality: The wholesale virgin hair factory in China obtains hair from many suppliers, which results in hair that is both inconsistent and fragile after being processed. Hair extensions purchased from local wholesalers of raw hair, however, are chemically treated and start out shiny and silky before becoming knotted and falling out.
  • Due to the factory’s availability to both low-wage labor and cutting-edge machinery, the wholesale virgin hair factory it produces is known for its competitive pricing. One kilo of grade 8A, straight hair in a ten-inch bundle costs $120, and an additional four inches adds $20.
  • The service provided by the factory is friendly and considerate. If you have any issues with the goods, they will be dealt with quickly and effectively.
  • With today’s cutting-edge machinery, even the smallest virgin hair factory can mass-produce a large quantity of virgin hair without sacrificing quality. There may be a delay in the delivery of your purchase since, unlike with smaller virgin hair factory wholesale, the virgin hair factory requires you to make a spot before it begins producing hair extension.
  • Potential benefits and drawbacks
    • Advantages include quick delivery, a constant supply, and low prices.
    • Negatives: Difficulty in archiving; difficulties in both visual presentation and computational processing

Those in the market for a hair manufacturer that can satisfy their needs at a fair price and adequate quality should consider this one. Thus, you should check the legitimacy of the wholesale virgin hair factory to make sure you aren’t being cheated, and you should also buy the hair from that factory to avoid paying retail.


Wholesale virgin hair factory in China

1.2. Wholesale virgin hair factory in India

India is a major rival to China when it comes to the production of hair. Cheap and of decent quality, hair extensions from India’s wholesale virgin hair factory are a hot commodity.

  • Hair from temple hair and hairballs are available from Indian hair storage. Due to the fact that creating a hairball requires ripping the tresses of women, the wholesale virgin hair factory reshapes temple hair, which is frequently real hair that has never been chemically treated.
  • Due to the country’s sweltering climate, Indian hair is typically thin and wavy. Because of this, if buyers of virgin hair factory wholesale wish to alter the color or style of their hair, it may be damaged in the process. In addition, hairballs might originate from spa carpets, public bathroom floors, or even pipelines, necessitating multiple processes for the wholesale virgin hair factory to complete before it can be used in a hair extension. That’s why these hybrid hair extensions aren’t just ineffective, but potentially dangerous to your wellness.
  • Cost is low since not only is the hair gathered at this wholesale virgin hair factory reasonably priced and simple to acquire, but also the plant employs a large number of people who are paid minimal salaries.
  • In terms of tech, the majority of the hair is styled by humans and not machinery. These blended hair extensions are extremely weak and potentially hazardous due to the chemical treatments performed on them at the wholesale virgin hair factory.
  • The wholesale virgin hair factory provides excellent customer service, replying to inquiries within an hour and doing so with a cheerful demeanor.
  • Ins and outs:
    • Virgin hair is inexpensive and readily available, thus there are no downsides.
    • Negatives: Some features aren’t as strong as those of competing products

Customers on a tight budget who aren’t picky about quality will be satisfied by the Indian wholesale virgin hair factory.


Hair from temple hair and hairballs are available from Indian hair storage

1.3. Wholesale virgin hair factory in Vietnam

The best wholesale virgin hair factory producing durable hair of the highest grade can be found in Vietnam. There are a variety of grades of Vietnamese hair, each catering to a certain market segment.

  • Primarily, those who live in rural areas and have a custom of wearing their hair long are the ones that supply the majority of the world’s hair. In place of virgin hair, which is becoming increasingly rare as standards of beauty rise, remy hair, that is of the similar quality as virgin hair, is becoming increasingly popular.
  • Vietnamese hair, according to the country’s favorable climate, is naturally jet black, silky, and robust. Because of this, Vietnamese hair is versatile and adaptable to different cuts, colors, and styles.
  • Most of the work is machined, and it’s done so by skilled artisans who take great care. The leading wholesale virgin hair factory in this region does not use cutting-edge technology, yet they nevertheless deliver the high-quality products their customers demand.
  • When compared to other countries’ currencies, Vietnamese virgin hair wholesale is quite inexpensive. A lot of people prefer the wholesale virgin hair factory due to the low prices and high quality of the hair.
  • Ins and outs:
    • Longevity, superior quality, low cost, and positive reviews from buyers are all pluses.
    • There is a lack of stock due to the fact that the wholesale virgin hair factory only produces hair that is 100% natural.

When looking for the best quality hair extension at the best price, go no further than the Vietnamese wholesale virgin hair factory.


The best wholesale virgin hair factory producing durable hair of the highest grade can be found in Vietnam

2. Top best wholesale virgin hair factory

There are advantages and disadvantages to a wholesale virgin hair factory sourcing from multiple nations. Depending on your needs, budget, and tolerance for production delays, we’ll suggest the optimal course of action.

2.1. Vin Hair Vendor – top 1 in the best wholesale virgin hair factory

If you’re not extremely happy with the aforementioned companies, Vin Hair Vendor is the best option.

  • High-quality hair from women in the northeastern highland regions of Vietnam is used in their goods. The women in this region live exceptionally good lifestyles and treat their hair with herbal remedies, so it is in remarkably good condition.
  • Main products: Big curly weft hair, Tape hair, Clip in hair, Bone straight hair,…

Vin Hair Vendor – top 1 in the best wholesale virgin hair factory

2.2. 5S Hair Vietnam – top 2 in the best wholesale virgin hair factory

We at 5S Hair are the best wholesale virgin hair factory in Vietnam if you are looking to purchase premium hair extensions.
When it comes to wholesale virgin hair, 5S Hair Vietnam is the initial Vietnamese company to do so. In 2022, the plant was recognized as producing the most well-known Vietnamese company.

  • The hair of Vietnamese women is of the highest quality because it contains no chemical treatments. All the same care is used to ensure that the hair remains strong, straight, and velvety.
  • Straight and wavy weft hair are the most popular styles.
  • Service: Loyal customers are rewarded with price reductions and special offers on subsequent purchases. The wholesale virgin hair factory’s help desk staff are true pros at making their clients happy.
  • According to feedback from satisfied customers, this wholesale virgin hair factory produces high-quality items at fair prices but at a very slow pace. Speedy shipping and secure payment options without compromising on either.

Find a wholesale virgin hair factory that can guarantee timely delivery of excellent hair at a fair price. That’s why you should check out 5s Hair Factory.

2.3. Ted Hair – top 3 in the best wholesale virgin hair factory

After serving the hair industry since 2009, Ted Hair Factory has earned a reputation as a trustworthy source of wholesale virgin hair factory. Globally, their partners can include retailers, wholesalers, hairdressers, and e-commerce site proprietors.

  • Popular items include a wide variety of hair extensions and closures made from high-quality materials like Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair, Indian hair, virgin Brazilian hair, and more.
  • The hair is silky and beautiful, however the varied varieties of hair make the coloration inconsistent.
  • When compared to other Chinese manufacturers, Ted Hair’s prices are the costliest.
  • There are often sales for returning clients at this wholesale virgin hair factory, but the comments say the quality isn’t there.

Guangzhou is home to Ted Hair, a wholesale virgin hair factory. If you require a lot of bulk hair quickly, this is your perfect idea.

2.4. Indian Mermaid Hair – top 4 in the best wholesale virgin hair factory

When searching online for wholesalers to do business with, this is among the most frequently seen results for both hair retailers and spa executives.

  • Best-sellers: Clients can choose from a wide selection of hair items, including those made wholesale, weft, hair extensions, wigs, and more at this Indian wholesale virgin hair factory.
  • Products from this maker are widely regarded as having superior quality and attractive design.
  • Its cost is significantly lower than the global average. Plus, repeat buyers can take advantage of the factory’s generous annual discounts.
  • Indian Mermaid Hair offers a Wide Variety of hair types at exorbitant prices

If you’re looking for a wholesale virgin hair manufacturer that doesn’t break the bank but still produces high-quality hair, consider Indian Mermaid Hair.

If you don’t know anything about running a wholesale virgin hair factory, you should think long and hard about the decision to invest in the suppliers and conduct thorough research on the company.