In the current eyelash extension market, Vin Lash Vietnam is highly appreciated for its good products, quality with perfect customer service for all salons. Let’s find out the benefits of choosing Vin Lash Vietnam as your lash partner!


Premium Quality Vin Lash Vietnam Products

Today, in response to the beauty needs of modern women, this beauty accessory has become an indispensable beauty “weapon”. Eyelash extension products from Vin Lash Vietnam are loved for being small, compact and very convenient.

High-class Materials For Eyelash Extensions from Vin Lash Vietnam

Compared with other manufacturers, the lashes themselves must be made of high-class materials that not only demonstrate the class of the brand but also enhance the clients’ trust. Therefore, Vin Lash Vietnam only provides the below premium eyelash extensions materials for our lashes to satisfy all clients around.

  • Premium Korean PBT: Do you know anything about PBT? It is called Polybutylene Terephthalate. But the Korean PBT are known for their strength and light-weight nature. So, if you want to have a natural look just select any lashes made by Korean PBT. Moreover, Vin Lash Vietnam chooses Premium Korean PBT to make products because of its durability clients apply.
  • Synthetic Mink: There is no reason for Vin Lash Vietnam to refuse to use synthetic mink fur for its eyelash extensions. They are soft, extremely flexible, and comfortable for the client to use.
  • Silk: When all salon owners consider low-maintenance eyelash extensions, Vin Lash Vietnam instantly thinks of silk lashes. They help clients have a natural-looking and make sure lashes are long-lasting for a long time.
  • Cashmere: It is one of Vin Lash Vietnam’s points of pride when manufacturing any type of lash. Cashmere is a mix of synthetic and natural fibers. In spite of adding volume and length, Cashmere lashes still maintain the feeling of floating the first time.

High-class Materials For Eyelash Extensions from Vin Lash Vietnam

Overall, Vin Lash Vietnam always tries its best to provide high-class eyelash extension products for clients. This is the shortest way to increase Vin Lash brand awareness in suppliers’ minds. The better the quality, the greater the quantity.

Tools and accessories from Vin Lash Vietnam made from high-quality materials

Refer to some high-quality materials used by Vin Lash Vietnam to make eyelash extension tools and accessories:

  • Stainless steel: Vin Lash Vietnam’s tweezers or scissors are made of 100% high-grade stainless steel. To ensure longevity and sharpness, especially when you are a specialist, essential for precise handling, refer to your choice of German stainless steel.
  • Soft silicone: Vin Lash Vietnam uses soft silicone to make pads and palettes of eyelash extensions, which prevent them from sticking to the surface.
  • Microfiber: Vin Lash Vietnam uses microfiber to create eyelash extension applicators through soft and absorbent materials that allow for precise eyelash extensions.

Durability and longevity are the 2 main factors that directly affect the quality of Vin Lash Vietnam’s eyelash extension tools and accessories for clients.

High-quality finished eyelash extension from Vin Lash Vietnam

Your clients will just look at Vin Lash Vietnam’s new eyelash extensions day by day, therefore, just when quality products are at the highest level, the finished product can attract more and more clients.

  • Curl quality: With a lot of types of curls like J, B, C, D, L through this particular heat treatment, Vin Lash Vietnam is recognized as the ultimate brand in maintaining long-term curls to clients under any circumstances without changing their shape.
  • Handmade: You may be surprised but all products of Vin Lash Vietnam are handmade by skilled technicians, who perform each eyelash extension to look natural and softer than the client’s feeling.
  • Consistent quality: Strict quality control will help Vin Lash Vietnam’s customers have faith in Vin Lash and make a long relationship for the long-term.

High-quality finished eyelash extension from Vin Lash Vietnam

Strive to supply high-quality finished eyelash extension from Vin Lash Vietnam. In addition to aesthetic standards, Vin Lash also makes people admire its meticulous preparation.

High-quality liquids and parts from Vin Lash Vietnam

It is necessary for Vin Lash Vietnam to put premium liquid ingredients into products. And of course, no harmful substances, or safety for clients are being considered. 

  • Eyelash Adhesive: Vin Lash Vietnam is extremely focused on sideline accessories products. And they really are also waterproof with a strong bond for a long time.
  • Eyelash Remover: To help return the beautiful space to the surface after applying make-up all day, Vin Lash Vietnam supplies eyelash removers to make it easy to remove eyelash extensions or something else without damaging the natural lashes.

Overall, you can choose from a variety of beautiful eyelash models, liquids, and products from Vin Lash Vietnam and be consulted by leading experts at Vin Lash to choose the right eyelash extensions for your clients needs.

Outstanding Customer Services Of Vin Lash Vietnam

Vin Lash Vietnam aims to become a leading brand in the eyelash extension industry by providing international quality eyelash products and customer services at reasonable prices to all salons worldwide.

Customized Packaging Of Vin Lash Vietnam

Vin Lash Vietnam provides customized packaging at reasonable prices to help more and more eyelash extension suppliers become successful businesses.

  • Customized packaging to establish your distinct brand identity: In the potential eyelash extension market, if you want to attract more clients, the first you need to do is stand out. Understand that, Vin Lash Vietnam is expanding its customized packaging service to impress your clients through logo and color elements.
  • High-Quality Packaging at reasonable prices: Do not wonder about the accompanying costs, you can own high-quality packaging at reasonable prices for clients. Because when you do good business, Vin Lash Vietnam can become a strong eyelash extension manufacturer.

Customized Packaging Of Vin Lash Vietnam

Customers will pay more attention to Vin Lash Vietnam suppliers with distinctive and outstanding packaging in such a large market as now.

Free-complimentary Demo Designs From Vin Lash Vietnam To Satisfy All of Clients 

You can put all of your belief in Vin Lash Vietnam on designing demos. The feedback and fixing systems are always open for your inquiries at any time.

  • Free-complimentary demo designs and re-make until confirmation: After being satisfied with customized packaging with Vin Lash Vietnam, suppliers all have opportunities to visualize through demo designs. And do not worry about the limited time to fix the demo designs, Vin Lash is very pleased to remake the sample until you accept the final result. For more detailed information, you can visit their fiverr profile: 
  • Quick response to supplier inquiries: In addition, if you have any questions that need support, please contact the hotline of Vin Lash Vietnam at any time, because we are always here ready to serve you as quickly as possible.

To sum up, no matter how busy the work is, no one can ignore skin care and make up if they do not want to have a beautiful and radiant appearance. That is also what Vin Lash Vietnam wishes to spread to suppliers with more excellent services to clients.

Transparent Return & Refund Policy From Vin Lash Vietnam

Being clear from the beginning about transparent and clear business policies helps suppliers to have more confidence in Vin Lash Vietnam. Understanding that, from sample testing, to warranty and return, Vin Lash always tries to provide extremely complete information for suppliers.

  • Delivery policy: Clarity and speed are 2 factors that Vin Lash Vietnam is interested in when offering shipping policies to vendors. In addition, for orders over $100, vendors will receive many additional benefits and absolutely free shipping.
  • Warranty: Vin Lash Vietnam will support all problems reflected by vendors, as well as errors in quantity or visual within 7 days. In addition, for eyelash extension products, Vin Lash also has a 1-year warranty policy, which is much different from other companies.
  • Beneficial refund and return: If the items are damaged with clear evidence, Vin Lash Vietnam will follow the refund policy and return the goods within a period of 7 days from the date of receiving the information. All information and regulations are clearly specified and always flexible to be able to better serve suppliers.

Transparent Return & Refund Policy From Vin Lash Vietnam

The policies are implemented properly and sufficiently according to the commitments, meeting the satisfaction of suppliers when cooperating with Vin Lash Vietnam and this contributes to the success of Vin Lash today.


Excellent product quality, attentive customer service and clear terms of co-operation are the prerequisites that any supplier should aim for when working with any manufacturer. And above are benefits your salons will receive when choosing Vin Lash Vietnam as your lash partner.

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